It's SW Fruit & Veg's 2nd Birthday!

SW Fruit & Veg is two years old!

When SW Fruit & Veg began, we had no idea what to expect. We just knew we couldn't find what we wanted: supermarket shelves were empty and it was impossible to get an online delivery. So we got to work, helping those closest to us access the healthy food they needed and donating thousands of pounds worth of produce through our Donate A Box scheme.

We've changed a lot since those early days. From the ability to now customise your box each week, to our new reusable crates,  to our zero food waste policy. We've formed direct relationships with hyper-local farms such as @growing_underground (back in your boxes next week) in Clapham, sourcing ingredients that are so fresh, they're literally just rolling off the farm. We've also partnered with incredible local producers such as @lilys_loaf loaf, there's something magical about watching Lily bake your sourdough just down the road and then it arriving still warm on your doorstep.

Our mission however remains the same - to give everyone access to the best seasonal fruits, vegetables and local independent produce, while making a lasting and positive impact in the community. 

Over the next year, we are really excited about partnering with more incredible farms and suppliers. We select our partners based on flavour and sustainable practices. Great food needs great ingredients, and ingredients with a clear provenance make the best and healthiest kind of food.

If you are looking for your fresh veg box delivery, come to SW Fruit and Veg! Join us to get delicious, local and seasonal produce delivered weekly to your door. For more information, visit our website today!

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