Our promise

Our London Veg Box manifesto is founded on the belief that we can make a positive difference to our environment and the health of London through the food choices we make. Our mission is to provide fresh, seasonal produce that supports local farms and pays suppliers fairly, while also prioritising sustainable practices.

We source seasonal produce from London's local farms

The food we eat should reflect the changing seasons and be grown in harmony with the natural world. That's why we source over 75% of our produce from local farms within 100 miles of London that can be with you in as little as 36 hours. By doing so, we reduce the need for long-distance transportation which results in lower carbon emissions and fresher, more nutritious produce. We do not use air freight, which contributes significantly to carbon emissions.

We are dedicated to reducing food waste

Food waste is a major environmental and social issue, with up to one-third of all food produced globally going to waste. That's why we ensure any surplus produce is donated to local food banks. We also encourage our customers to minimise their own food waste through customising boxes and helpful tips.

We are committed to paying our suppliers fairly

We recognise the hard work and dedication that goes into producing high-quality, sustainable food. We believe that everyone in the food supply chain deserves to be paid fairly for their labour and that this should be reflected in the price we pay for our produce.

We prioritise sustainable farming practices

Healthy soil and biodiversity are critical to producing nutritious, flavourful food. We believe in working with nature rather than against it, and we support farmers who share this philosophy. Not all our food is organic, however all is grown by responsible farmers with meticulous care. 

We are committed to keeping your taste buds inspired

With over 100 vegetable varieties flourishing on our farms throughout the year, our commitment is to keep your taste buds inspired. We'll source produce you won't be able to find at your local supermarket.

We will make a lasting and positive impact in our community

Our dedication to London-first values means that all the choices we make - from our suppliers to the local good causes we support - are focused on benefiting our community. We strive to be a responsible and sustainable business, working with our team and customers to make environmentally conscious choices and build a healthier, more resilient food system for London.