Six Ways Mums Can Transform Your Family’s Eating Habits for the Long Term

Every mum wants their kids to eat healthy meals because eating right is good for our bodies. But sometimes we get so busy and our plans of getting healthier food on their plates fall along the wayside. Sometimes, it's just easier to just grab something convenient on the way home or order in. But don’t let this discourage you. Getting your kids to eat healthier meals is not about overhauling everything; it’s more about taking small steps to make meals better. Here are four tips to make your family eat healthier, courtesy of SW Fruit & Veg.

Explain the Benefits

Eating healthy has many benefits. Our bodies and minds depend upon a balanced, nutritious diet. What food and drink we put into ourselves can also influence how well we process things.

Kids who eat right can develop normally, maintain healthy body weight, have a better immune system, and have better brain function. While children may not entirely appreciate these benefits, just keep trying. Try explaining how eating well is like how their characters in the games they play level up or something. Just remember to keep the focus of the conversation on the benefits of healthy living.

Cook Together

Cooking together can be important in your kids adopting healthier lifestyles long-term. You can make things fun by adding themes dedicated to different cuisines, like Mexican or Asian. Getting your loved ones involved in getting ingredients, choosing recipes, and helping out in the kitchen can connect everyone to their meals. The children can learn about what they are eating and better understand the nutrition it gives.

Eat Together

You should also make it a habit to eat together as a family. Kids who eat together with their families are more comfortable talking about food, which will allow you to discuss healthy food more. This can be a great way to bond and get their feedback. It also offers the opportunity to observe what is or is not being enjoyed, allowing you to make whatever adjustments are necessary.

Family goals can thrive when everyone participates. It's important that your little ones see you lead by example. Just eat something healthy and enjoy it, and they may want to enjoy the food that you do too. Be patient and remember that kids have different tastes, and are picky eaters at times.

Control Stress

Did you know that stress could be causing members of your family to overeat? While some stress can boost performance, if overburdened at work, too much stress will actually make you less productive. If you’re overstressed, work from home on occasion, use your holiday time, and consider a career change. Keeping a healthy home environment can also alleviate stress in your family. Keep your home decluttered and organised and add some mood-boosting indoor plants.

Gradual Change

When it comes to changing our eating habits, it may be best to take things slowly. This is especially so for children, who may be resistant to change. Instead of swapping your regular meals with new dishes, just add a few carrots to a meal, or cut fruit for dessert. With this strategy, you can gradually increase their intake of fruits and vegetables. The recommended target is one to five servings of fruits and vegetables, depending on how old you are, as noted on MyPlate.


Portion control is good for kids. Children can be voracious and may not appreciate the importance of restraint when it comes to food. To help them, offer only single servings. Where possible, apply this approach to batch cooking as well by storing leftovers in small containers. If your kids decide to have a snack, eating only portions will encourage balanced eating.

Eating healthier may deliver a lifetime of good health. Encourage your children to value and enjoy eating healthy food.

This article is brought to you by SW Fruit & Veg, where our mission is to grow and source the best fresh and seasonal fruits, vegetables, and local independent produce while making a lasting and positive impact in the community. For more information, please visit our website.

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