5 Ways To Reduce Food Waste At Home

Food waste is as damaging environmentally as plastic waste. While plastic creates unnecessary CO2 emissions, food waste that's left to rot produces large amounts of methane, another greenhouse gas. 

Most food waste comes from individual households, so how can you cut down the amount that ends up in the bin? We've rounded up some simple switches you can make to get on top of food waste at home - from organising your kitchen effectively to easy ways to use up leftovers. You'll save a few pennies too. 

Ensure The Fruit and Veg You Buy Is Fresh

The fresher your fruit and veg, the longer you'll have to use it up. It will be tastier too! Buy food with a clear provenance that has been sourced as locally as possible. This will ensure that your food hasn't been sat in a truck for days on end whilst navigating UK customs. 

Only Buy The Fruit and Veg You Need

You may not have time to plan every meal and shop every individual product. That said, ensure that the amount you are using is just right for you. Look for a flexible and customisable box scheme that will ensure the quantity is just right you, take out any unwanted items such as potatoes, and allow you to skip a week if you aren't going to be around much.

Store Your Fruit and Veg Correctly

Not everything needs to be kept in the fridge. You may find that your tomatoes even have more flavour at room temperature. However, ensure your greens and mushrooms are kept in the draw in your fridge. Here's a really handy A-Z Food Storage you can use. Remember to store bananas, apples and tomatoes by themselves, since these items emit a gas called ethylene that can spoil other items. 

Use Your Leftovers

Think before you throw. Can you use those items in a sandwich tomorrow? Can you cook up some bubble and squeak the day after your Sunday Roast? Being a little bit crafty with your meal prep is a great way avoid throwing away items. You'll save some money too. 

Water Your Veg

Who needs a big bunch of flowers when you can display your asparagus instead? You can pop the following items in a glass of cold water (and cover the top with a plastic bag) in your fridge to help perk them up and stay fresh for as long as possible.

  • Asparagus
  • Kale
  • Broccoli
  • Parsley
  • Cilantro
  • Chives
  • Basil (on the counter, not in the fridge)

If you are looking for a customisable fruit and veg delivery, come to London Veg Box! Join us to get fresh food with a clear provenance delivered direct to your door every week. You'll end up getting a box that is just right for you, with all of the goodness and none of the food waste. 


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