How Many Plant Points Have You Had This Week?

The ‘5-a-day’ rule can be a good place to start – but it totally ignores the trillions of microbes living in our gut. They all need different types of plant foods to flourish.

For good gut health, the goal is diversity. So where has the magic 30 come from? Fuelled by research that @theguthealthdoctor has tested out in clinic. One of the key studies demonstrated that people who eat at least 30 different plant-based foods a week had more diverse gut microbes than people who ate less than 10.
And the more diverse plant foods we feed our gut microbes, the more diverse they become and the more ‘skills’ they have to…

  • Train our immune cells.
  • Increase our resilience to infection.
  • Strengthen our gut barrier.
  • Communicate with our brain.
  • Balance our blood sugar, lower blood fats and help prevent against many diseases.
Here’s what 30 plant points can actually look like:

VEGE – Tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, pepper, sweetcorn, spinach, potato, onion, peas, carrot.

FRUIT  – Grapes, apricot, strawberries, watermelon, blueberries, raspberries, apple, banana, orange, kiwi.

GRAINS – Oats, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, wholewheat flour.

LEGUMES, NUTS & SEEDS – Chickpeas, lentils, tinned beans, pack of seeds, pack of nuts (mixed for extra points!)

HERBS & SPICES - 1/4 point each

How many different plant points have you had this week?