Caffarelli Cucumbers - Plastic Free

Like cucumbers that aren't wrapped in plastic? 

We’re currently working some superb British cucumbers from the Caffarelli family, who have been growing “English cucumbers with an Italian flavour” at Floral Farm in Cambridgeshire, for four generations.

They sound interesting, what types of cues are they growing?

Although traditional naked cues are the predominant variety, Mark Caffarelli loves to experiment with unique varieties including micro snack cucumbers, large cucamelons and he’s currently working on a very exciting project – Asian wok cucumbers... The Caffarelli’s will be the first UK growers of this cooking variety, which has just become available.

Sustainability is key for many of our customers 

Buying local is great but ensuring our growers are working in a sustainable manner takes it one step further. The team at Floral Farm likes to have oversight of the entire process and work closely with the seed manufacturers to share expertise. The cucumbers are planted, maintained and picked by hand in vast glasshouses while a state-of-the-art UK based Tontec computer system is used to regulate the temperature, irrigation and ventilation.

Responsible farming is at the heart of Floral Farm, the team recently invested £350,000 in 2 biomass systems which will reduce their carbon footprint and minimise their environmental impact. The farm is also pesticide-free choosing to use natural Bioline packets instead and all fuel for the farm is sourced within a 50mile radius of the farm.

Buying British produce means you are supporting British farmers and a lot of the produce we supply is with us within 24-48 hours of being picked. It’s that fresh.

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