June Seasonal Fruit & Veg Report

🌟Fruit & Veg Market Report🌟

June brings a wonderful array of fruit to the Market. Cherries are here from the Continent, with UK crops starting early this month.

In recent years, growers have released some interesting new varieties of stone fruit. You will now find flat or 'donut' nectarines as well as peaches. Round peaches and nectarines are available with yellow, white or blood-coloured flesh. 

British strawberries are well underway. Other UK berries include raspberries. Redcurrants are available almost year-round from European growers but whitecurrants and gooseberries will arrive soon.

June is a good month for melons, with decent Charentais and watermelons now arriving. Other fruits include Spanish figs, Italian kiwis and Kent mangoes. Early plums include some excellent red-fleshed plums from Spain. Outdoor rhubarb from the UK is good value.

Yellow beans have started from France, along with Borlotti from Italy. Peas and broad beans are widely available. UK bobby beans and runner beans due soon.

UK Jersey Royals are still available and very good value at this point in their season. Other UK veg includes Hispi cabbage, cauliflowers and broccoli. 

Courgettes are abundant: round, standard, flowers, Trombetta and patty pans.

Tomato varieties include Vesuvio, Pineapple, Noire De Crimee, Bull's Heart, Marinda, San Marzano and many more. Aubergines and artichokes are a good bet this month. Agretti from Italy is still in season; puntarelle is available but is not at its peak.

Mushrooms include Morel, Chanterelle and Girolle.

See you in July for our next Market Report.